Oracle Interview Questions And Answers Part - 13

How do you trap the error in forms 3.0 ?
using On-Message or On-Error triggers.

How many pages you can in a single form ?

While specifying master/detail relationship between two blocks specifying the join condition is a must ?
True or False. ?

EXIT_FORM is a restricted package procedure ?
a. True b. False

What is the usage of an ON-INSERT,ON-DELETE and ON-UPDATE TRIGGERS ?
These triggers are executes when inserting, deleting and updating operations are performed and can be used to change the default function of insert, delete or update respectively. For Eg, instead of inserting a row in a table an existing row can be updated in the same table.

What are the types of Pop-up window ?
the pop-up field editor
pop-up list of values
pop-up pages.
Alert :

What is an SQL *FORMS ?
SQL *forms is 4GL tool for developing and executing; Oracle based interactive application.

How do you control the constraints in forms ?
Select the use constraint property is ON Block definition screen.

What is the difference between restricted and unrestricted package procedure ?
Restricted package procedure that affects the basic functions of SQL * Forms. It cannot used in all triggers except key triggers. Unrestricted package procedure that does not interfere with the basic functions of SQL * Forms it can be used in any triggers.

A query fetched 10 records How many times does a PRE-QUERY Trigger and POST-QUERY Trigger will get executed ?
PRE-QUERY fires once.
POST-QUERY fires 10 times.

Give the sequence in which triggers fired during insert operations, when the following 3 triggers are defined at the same block level ?

State the order in which these triggers are executed ?

What the PAUSE package procedure does ?
Pause suspends processing until the operator presses a function key

What do you mean by a page ?
Pages are collection of display information, such as constant text and graphics

What are the type of User Exits ?
ORACLE Precompliers user exits
OCI (ORACLE Call Interface)
Non-ORACEL user exits.
Page :

What is the difference between an ON-VALIDATE-FIELD trigger and a trigger ?
On-validate-field trigger fires, when the field Validation status New or changed. Post-field-trigger whenever the control leaving form the field, it will fire.

Can we use a restricted package procedure in ON-VALIDATE-FIELD Trigger ?

Is a Key startup trigger fires as result of a operator pressing a key explicitly ?

Can we use GO-BLOCK package in a pre-field trigger ?

Can we create two blocks with the same name in form 3.0 ?

What does an on-clear-block Trigger fire?
It fires just before SQL * forms the current block.

Name the two files that are created when you generate the form give the filex extension ?
INP (Source File)
FRM (Executable File)

What package procedure used for invoke sql *plus from sql *forms ?
Host (E.g. Host (sqlplus))

What is the significance of PAGE 0 in forms 3.0 ?
Hide the fields for internal calculation.

What are the different types of key triggers ?
Function Key

What is the difference between a Function Key Trigger and Key Function Trigger ?
Function key triggers are associated with individual SQL*FORMS function keys You can attach Key function triggers to 10 keys or key sequences that normally do not perform any SQL * FORMS operations. These keys referred as key F0 through key F9.

Committed block sometimes refer to a BASE TABLE ?

Error_Code is a package proecdure ?
a. True b. false

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