Interview Concepts

What is an interview?

An interview is a face-to-face meeting, especially for the purpose of obtaining a statement for assessing the qualities of a candidate. It further, indicates a physical meeting of people with two possible objectives:

*  To obtain a statement or opinion – as is done when film stars are interviewed to get their views on any particular role, or when the prime minister is interviewed to get statement on the result of his discussion with another political leader.
*  To assess a person for selection – such as interviews for jobs, admission to educational institutions, etc.

Preparing for an interview

*  One of the most fundamental factors that contributes to the success of an interview is the time and quality of preparation made by you.
*  The degree of preparedness for an interview helps reduce the uncertainty and anxiety prior to the interview.
*  The amount of effort you wish to put into preparation is directly proportional to the importance of the interview. 

What all you need to do before interview?

Learn about the organization

It is important to know the background of the institute you apply to. You must read its brochure and visit its website. It is important for the following reasons.

* Selectors cannot comprehend why and how a person can say he is keen to join an institute about which he knows little or nothing.
*  From the interviewer’s point of view the good applicant is one who has done some homework about the organization.

What you must know is:

*  A brief history of the organization.
*  It’s main features
*  Location
*  Any important issue of the organization that has been newsworthy.
*  Key people in the organization.

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