ST - Winrunner Interview Questions

1) Advantages of Automation Tools in Testing?
a) Minimum requirement of human resource.
b) Accurary.
c) Reliable
d) Less time consuming-Faster than manual testing.
e) Reusable
f) Programmable

2) What is the latest version of WinRunner?
Latest version of WinRunner is 8.0

3) What is the language used in WinRunner?
TSL-Test Scipt Language (Similar to C)

4) Explain the Testing Process in WinRunner?
a) Create a Rapid Test Script Wizard.The Wizard automatically generates a series of tests,Which you can immediately run on your Application.
b) Additional tests can either be created or recorded
c) Debug the test
d) Run the test on new version to verufy the application behavior.

5)What are the components of WinRunner?
a)Test Window : This is a window where the TSL script is generated/programmed.
b)GUI Spy tool in WinRunner lets you spy on the GUI objets by recording the Properties.

6) How does WinRunner identify GUI objects?
The WR examines the GUI objects, and saves the object descriptions in a GUI Map File Later on when you run tests, Win Runner uses this file to identify and locate objects.Win Runner learns desctiption of a GUI object, it looks at the object's physical.Eeach GUI objects has many properties such as "class", "label","width", "height","handle",and "enable" to name a few However, Win Runner only learns the properties that uniquely distinguish an object from all other objects in the application
For example, when Win Runner looks at an Ok button, it might see that the butto9n is located in an Open window, belongs to the pushbutton object class, and has the test label "OK'.

7) What is GUI Spy?
GUI Spy tool in WinRunner lets you spy on the GUI object by recording the propreties.
path: Tools/GUI Spy and start recording.

8) What are all captured in GUI Spy?
a) class to which the object relates.
c)Description of the object.

9) What is Rapid Test Script Wizard?
 it performs two tasks.
a)It systematically opens the windows in your application and learns a description of Every GUI object.The wizard stores this information in a GUI map file.
b) It automatically generates tests base on the information it learned as it navigated through the application.

10) What is a User Interface test?
The User Interface test compiles an AUT in accordance with microsoft standards.
A user interface test checks the following:
. GUI objects do not overlap
. GUI objects are aligned in windows
. Text labels on GUI objects begin with capital letters
. Text labels on GUI objects are clearly visible
. OK and Cancel buttons appear in every window
. A system menu is available in every window.

11) What are the different modes in learning an application under Rapid test script wizard?
a) Express
b) Comprehensive.

12) What are the different reocd modes?
a) Analog
b) Context Sensitive

13) What is Context Sensitive Mode?
Context Sensitive mode records the operations you perform in terms of the GUI Objects in your application. Win Runner identifies each objects you click (such as a window, menu, list, or button), and the tupe of operation you perform (such as Press,enable, move, or select)

14) What is Analog mode?
In Analog mode, WinRunner records the exact coordinates traveled buy the mouse, as well as mouse clicks and keyboard input.

15) When Context Sensitive mode is to be chosen?
a) The application contains GUI objects
b) Does not require exact mouse movements.

16) When Analog mode is to be chosen?
a) The application contains bitmap areas.
b) Does require exact mouse movements.

17) What are the different run modes?
i) verify: Use verify Mode When rnning a test to check the behaviour of your application,and when your want to save the test results.
ii) Debug: Use Debug Mode when you want to check that the test script runs smoothly without errors in syntax.
iii) Update: Use Update mode when your want to create new expected results for a GUI checkpoint or bitmap checkpoint.

18) What is Synchronization?
When you run tests. your application may not alwayus respond to input with the Same speed .For example, it might take a few seconds:
. to retrive information from a database
. for a window to pop up
. for a progress bar to reach 100%
. for a status message to appear

Win Runner waits a set amount of time for an application to respond to input. The default amount of time that win Runner waits is up to 10 seconds. If the application responds slowly during a test run, WinRunner's default wait time may not be enough, and WinRunner may try to continue the test before the application is ready. The test run, will then unexpectedly fail. If your discover a synchronization problem between the test and uyour application, you can either:

. Increase the default time that the WinRunner waits. to do so, your change thevalue of the timeout test option tin the Options dialog box (Settings Options): This method affects all your tests and slows down many other Context Sensitive operations.

. Insert a synchronization point into the test scpipt at the exact point that the problem occuts.A synchronization point tells WinRunner to pause the test run in order to wait for a specified response in the application.

19) How to change synchronization options?
In Settings / Options click the run tab- Increase the timeout seconds. Or Create wait bitmap option.

20) What is GUI Checkpoint?
A GUI checkpoint examines the bahavior of object's properties

21) What is a checklist?
A checklist contains information about GUI and the selected properties to check.

22) What are the prerequisites for running a test?
a) Make sure that the application under test is Open on the desktop.
b) Check the verity mode
c) Choose run from top
d) Run the test
e) Review the results.

23) When a bitmap check is failed?
When the screen settings are changed.

24) How to add functions in WinRunner?
You can quickly add these functions to a test script using WinRunner's visual Programming tool, the Functiong Genetator.
The Function Generator enables you to add TSL Functions in two ways:
a) You can point to a GUI object and let Win Runner "suggest" an appropriate Function. You can then insert this function into the test script.
b) You can select a function from a list. Functions are presented both by category and alphabetically

25) What is tl_step?
In most cases when you run a test, WinRunner reports an overall test result of Pass or fail. By adding tl_step statements to your test script. You can determine whether a perticular operation within the test passed of failled, and send a Message to the report. 

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